FairyLoot September 2022 Unboxing: Farewell My Love

Hi everyone! My September Fairyloot came today, and I really wasn’t expecting it because I don’t think that I had received an email with it shipping. But, it was a great surprise after a long morning of discussion board posts.

Also, I believe that this is the first month where FL has cut their items down to 4 instead of the normal 5 due to the cost of items.

I’ve also been updating the unboxing page on my blog for an upcoming post!

Watch the unboxing on my booktok!

Theme: Farewell My Love

Top Left: Six Crimson Cranes inspired Blanket designed by afterblossom_art

Bottom Left: Spoiler Card

Top Right: The Cruel Prince inspired Trinket Dish designed by ARZ28

Middle Right: Botanic Coasters designed by Stella Bookish Art

Bottom Right: Bellabonna Tea Tin designed by Chatty Nora

BOTM: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace with a signed bookplate, author letter/character art kudriaken, endpaper artwork by monolimeart, and an exclusive cover, stenciled edges, and artwork on the cover (top left) designed by taratjah!

Full unboxing!

Happy reading until next time,

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