Which Book Box Should You Get?

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk about some of the different book boxes both adult and young adult that is available to purchase!

I’ve been a subscriber to a number of book boxes over the years and have purchased some individual crates, so I feel like I am relatively versed in this department.

Head over to the unboxing page to see full unboxings of some companies to get a better idea!

OwlCrate || Fae Crate || Litjoy || FairyLoot || Beacon Book Box || YA Bookish Box || Adult Bookish Box || Cover to Cover || Arcane Society


Offers both YA and children’s subscriptions that can purchased individually or subscription:

YA Box Prices

  • Monthly: $35.99 + shipping
  • 3 Month: $104.97 + shipping
  • 6 Month: $203.94 + shipping

OwlCrate Jr. Prices

  • Monthly: $32.99 + shipping
  • 3 Months: $95.97 + shipping
  • 6 Months: $185.94 + shipping

My Thoughts:

Owlcrate was the first subscription box that I had bought and at the time I really enjoyed them! They have a new release hardcover book that is signed with an author letter, items that goes with the theme/book, and a monthly enamel pin. OC typically has a book that is either fantasy or sci-fi related as their contemporary romance book months don’t do quite as well compared to the other months.

I had personally unsubscribed to them last October because since they had added another person to the curation team, their items were overall darker in colors and they started to incorporate more celestial based items. They used to have a really fun facebook page where there were thousands of people in it, but they had shut it down because people were complaining about the items that were being designed by the new person. With their exclusive dust jackets, the front cover was mostly a different color with a possible reversible dust jacket. Towards the end of my time as a subscriber, they were including some really fun items like an old fashion pen that you had to dip in ink, a stamper (without ink), and more of the metal tins, but at the same time they had items like card games, magnetic photo frames, and a hand roller cookie pattern thing.

Their books were really pretty but not like gorgeous compared to some of the other boxes.

OC also have individual purchases of exclusive books that may be sequels to a book they had included or a hyped upcoming book (prices may vary), and they had exclusive boxes for a particular book, but I’m not sure if they still do that.

Honestly, I don’t really miss my OC subscription, and they don’t seem to have as much hype around them as they used to have in the past, so I don’t know what that mean about their stuff now.

They do have a monthly photo challenge for a chance to win a free box, and I think that they just started a point reward system where you can earn points from purchases for discounts!

OwlCrate Link

Fae Crate

They offer individual purchases and subscription for a book & goodies option, book, shirt, and items, and shirt only.

  • One-time purchases:
    • book & goodies option: $33.32 + shipping
    • book, shirt, and items: $44.43 + shipping
    • shirt only: $17.76 + shipping
  • Subscription:
    • book & goodies option: $29.99 + shipping
    • book, shirt, and items: $39.99 + shipping
    • shirt only: $ 15.98 + shipping

My Thoughts:

I’ve subscribed to Fae crate a couple of times over the years with the book and items subscription and the book, items, and shirt option. They have some really cool books that either a completely redesigned cover, hardcover exclusive with no jacket, or and exclusive cover with a reversible cover. The books also come signed or with a bookplate. They also have a monthly polaroid art print. Also, the shirts are super soft even before it gets well broken in, but just a little long.

Most months, the book is either fantasy or sci-fi, and they also have indie authors featured as their book of the month more times than not. They also have a code with each of their boxes on the spoiler card for an ebook.

For the most part, they are only a couple of months behind with their regular monthly boxes. Fae Crate also have sells on exclusive books (typically with authors they’ve worked with in the past), and they have started a new collection called Opus that features adult and new adult books. They do have a monthly photo challenge for a chance to win a free box!

I’ve always felt like for the most part, each month’s box is worth the price that I pay and I’m not feeling cheated.

Fae Crate


Young Adult Quarterly Subscriptions

  • Crate $34.99 + shipping
  • Book-Only $23.99 + shipping
  • Items-Only $23.99 + shipping

Young Adult Annual subscriptions

  • Crate $135.00 + shipping (all shipping paid at time of checkout or renewal)
  • Book-Only $91.00 + shipping
  • Items $91.00 + shipping

** additional add-ons are available for a 7 day period from the 4th to the 10th of the month that box is supposed to ship **

Magical Quarterly Subscriptions – $54.99 + shipping

Magical Annual Subscriptions – $219.96 + shipping (all shipping paid at time of checkout or renewal)

My Thoughts:

I have been a long time subscriber to LitJoy, and they are TOP TIER, like not even exaggerating. I’ve never had any real problems with the company or their crates. They first started out with their yearly Harry Potter crates, and are still big with the HP stuff (ie. the magical crates), and to my knowledge, they are the first ones to have done the reversible dust jackets. Then, the items that they include are very high quality. Most of the time with their quarterly YA crates they now include a tea cup and saucer with a photo strip bookmark.

Litjoy also have the Lunicorn system which is another exclusive thing where lunicorns have early access to the items and sales. The lunicorns are also able to join the FB group. Litjoy also have a point reward system that can be redeemed for discounts, and they have a photo challenge.

LitJoy Link


  • Monthly YA Box: $35.90 + Shipping
  • YA Book-Only: $28.00 + Shipping
  • Adult Book-Only: $28.00 + Shipping

FairyLoot has always been a sought-out book box by book nerds because they are known for their gorgeous books and stenciled edges. FL also has really gorgeous high end AND useful items.

They are mainly a mainstream, fantasy book based company and 98% of their books are signed by the author, and they have been known on occasions to include ARCs or another [paperback] book which are equally as gorgeous as the main book. FL also has monthly tarot cards and a bookmark with the spoiler card art.

They also have exclusive books for sale that are outside of their monthly stuff. FL is more apt to redesign older books that were popular before book crates like Shatter Me.

Since they opened up a distribution center in the US boxes have been getting to people in a more reasonable time compared to when they were only out of the US. The only qualm I have with FL is that they are one of the companies that consistently leave items out of a box. I cannot even being to tell you how many times I’ve had to contact them over the years because an item like a spoiler card, socks, or even an umbrella wasn’t included in my box. They were always super nice about it, but I just get tire of having to reach out because something wasn’t packed in my box.

I did unsubscribe from them once but quickly got back on their subscription waitlist. I’ve been thinking about unsubscribing again as they’ve had to cut back on their items from being 5 to 4 in a box and some of the packing issues I had on several occasion. Also, I just don’t read YA books as much as I used to, so it’s kind of useless for me to keep receiving these boxes.

FairyLoot Link


  • Monthly Book + Items: $35.00 + Shipping
  • Book Only: $23.00 + Shipping

My Thoughts:

I’ve never been a subscriber of Illumicrate, but to my understanding is that they are like up there with fairyloot. I’ve seen some of their unboxings on Instagram and they have really gorgeous items and their exclusive edition books are loaded with different features.

Illumicrate Link

The Bookish Box

YA and Adult Monthly Options:

  • Book Only: $38.00 + shipping
  • Book and Goodies: $48.00 + shipping
  • Book, goodies, and shirt: $62.00 + shipping

They might be one of the most controversial book box out there from the work condition of their warehouse to the authors that they work with to the constant shipping delays with their exclusive books. This is the company that with have the most exclusive edition book on sale outside of their monthly stuff.

For the most part, they have gorgeous book, but there have been some people talking about the quality of their book binding as the book bindings are more squarish than rounded like traditional books. They carry a wide variety of books but the majority of them having some type of romance.

With the bookish box, they include a lot of bookish jewelry with their boxes, mainly necklaces with some rings and bracelets, but the thing is that I don’t change out my jewelry, so it’s not something that I really like to get in my boxes especially when my fingers are basically a size 5 and even with the bendable adjustable ring it’s still to big.

For the most part, their books are gorgeous like it’s no denying it, but their shipping delays on the exclusive books/book set is kind of crazy, and they still have problems with the design of some things. With book 4 of the Crave series, the dust jacket and the book itself had VI (6) instead of IV (4). They had replace the jacket with the correct Roman numeral but “couldn’t” do anything with the book itself. Then with the A Touch of Darkness set, the dust jackets were so dark they had to reprint them. And, with the Stalking Jack the Ripper series set, there were difference between the actual set and the images they had released advertising them, AND they are reprinting all of the books to send out to the readers because I think there was issues with the inside of the book?

There could honestly be a whole post about them and their mishaps.

But at the same time, they include some really fun items like a book stand and monthly candles and book silhouettes and page overlays occasionally.

And, they also recently opened Darkly which is supposed to be exclusive editions of books that feature darker themes.

The Bookish Box Link

Once Upon a Book Club

YA and Adult:

  • Monthly: $49.99 + Shipping
  • 3 Months: $145.00 + Shipping
  • 6 Months: $289.00 + Shipping
  • Yearly: $570.00 + Shipping

I’ve only bought on box from them and that was last year’s New Year themed box because it included The Love Hypothesis, and I was hoping to get some inspired items from the box. It was a fun box but was a mix of New Year’s Eve and The Love Hypothesis which made since because it was an special box, but wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

I feel like I can’t really give you my full opinion since that was the only box I’ve gotten from them, but I love their concept of getting a monthly box and opening an item when you get to a certain page. The ~only~ problem I have is that it takes me a while to get to books because I’m a book reader, so if I open the gifts as intended, I may honestly never know what they are.


Celestia Crate

** prices of boxes vary and there is currently no subscription option **

This is a rather new to me book box crate. I just got my September crate last week, and even though the book is really cute, it was a bit of a disappointment. The September crate was $50.00 + shipping, and it was an Ana Huang theme box, so I personally was hoping that it would be Twisted Lies given the month of the box and the release of the book, but it was one of Ana’s older books like before she wrote the Twisted series. Don’t get me wrong the book was super cute with it’s new cover and it was signed but it was still disappointing. Then, I felt like the items that were included added to my disappointment as there was a really cute notepad with no black space to write on and a couple of other items.

With the shipping delays with the September box, there was not emails sent to the people who bought the box, no real social media announcement, so I had to join the FB group to get any sort of information.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything as the owner of the company has a lot of things going on with the book box stuff but also with her other job.

I am going to give them another chance as I bought the December crate which has three omegaverse books for the price of $75 + shipping, so fingers crossed.

Celestia Crate Link

Arcane Society

  • Bi-monthly: $59.99 + Shipping
    • US: $4.99 per box
    • Canada: $19.99 per box
    • Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway and UK: $34.99

Their books are GORGEOUS. I have gotten one box from them so far and am stunned.

Each box includes 2 hardcover books with exclusive covers, an enamel pin, and art prints.

This particular book has adult fantasy/paranormal romance books.

Arcane Society Link

Belle Book Box

I’m not sure how much their subscriptions are as they are currently sold out for subscriptions and their FAQ page doesn’t list them.

They are a bi-monthly romance book box that includes 2 exclusive hardcover books and items.

Belle Book Box Link

Mystic Box

  • Bi-monthly: $54.99 + shipping

They include two signed exclusive hardcover books with bookish items.

These books are DARK romance and have taboo themes.

If you haven’t guessed it yet but Arcane Society, Belle Book Box, and Mystic Box are ran by the same people.

I currently have a subscription to Arcane Society because it was the list that I had originally gotten on for Olivia’s books, but I NEED to be on this one instead because the dark romance is more my speed right now than paranormal/fantasy romance.

Mystic Book Box Link

Steamy Lit Box

There are a handful of different options

Book Only

  • Quarterly: $55 + Shipping

Box without Vibe:

  • Quarterly: $99 + Shipping

Full Box:

  • Quarterly: $139 + Shipping
  • Semi-Annual: $260 + Shipping
  • Annual: $499 + shipping

Subscription levels:

Book only subscription – Included in this price are 3 books for the quarter. One will ship out each month of that quarter.

No Vibes – Included in this price is one quarterly box. Every quarter you will receive a large box with the first book of the quarter, and 2-3 other specially curated items that celebrate self-love and embrace your sexuality. The second and third books of the quarter will be shipped at the start of each month. This subscription DOES NOT come with a vibe.

Vibes – Every quarter you will receive a large box with the first book of the quarter, an adult item, and 2-3 other specially curated items that celebrate self-love and embrace your sexuality. The second and third books of the quarter will be shipped at the start of each month.

So, I don’t really know much about this book box and haven’t really heard people talk about the box or company other than with the exclusive copies of the Twisted series by Ana.

I would love to try one of their boxes, but that’s a lot of money to drop for a box where I have no idea what it exactly entails.

Steamy Lit Link

Reveal Romance Book Box


  • One Book: $13.95 + shipping
  • Two Books: $26.95 + shipping
  • Four Books: $43.95 + shipping
  • Six Books: $65.95 + shipping

The one book option only has the signed book with no swag.

I personally love the idea of this box because when you go to subscribe, you pick which tropes you enjoy reading about and the curators of the box try to match the books with what you selected. I would personally prefer an option of just the books for the options that have multiple books because I’m not the biggest fan of some of the items that they include such as the face masks and the sample products. The other swag can include pens, bookmarks, postcards, etc.

I always have fun looking to see which books I get as the books are typically from indie authors and all of the books are signed

Reveal Book Box Link

Nerdy Book Box

YA or Adult Full Box

  • Monthly: $42.00 + shipping
  • 3 Months: $124.50 + shipping
  • 6 Months: $246.00 + shipping
  • Yearly: $468.00 + shipping

YA or Adult Book and Pin

  • Monthly: $23.00 + shipping
  • 3 Months: $69.00 + shipping
  • 6 Months: $138.00 + shipping
  • Yearly: $276.00 + shipping

Each box will contain the following, themed specifically to the selected book:

• Exclusive Indie author book with sprayed edges (bookplate included).

• Exclusive Enamel Pin based on the selected book.

• 3-4 high-quality exclusive items from small businesses, curated specifically to fit the theme and/or characters of the book.

The selected genres are fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, and contemporary fiction.

I’ve never been a subscriber of this box, nor have I really thought about subscribing, but I see photos every now and then and all of the unboxings I’ve seen have been filled with gorgeous items!

Nerdy Book Box Link

Happy reading until next time,


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