LitJoy Unboxings

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March 2019: Superman: Dawnbreaker

April 2019: Born Rebel

May 2019: Darkness Calls

June 2019: Restricted Section

July 2019: Defender of Dragons

August 2019: Dressed for Deception

September 2019: Haunted Manor

October 2019: Fallen Angel

November 2019: Forbidden Forest

December 2019: Lost in Austen

January 2020: Starry Night

February 2020: Once Upon a Retelling

March 2020: Ride or Die

April 2020: Women Warriors

May 2020: Academy for the Bookish and Bewitched

June 2020: Mythical Gods

July 2020: As You Wish

August 2020: Elemental Magic

September 2020: Favorite Fictional Families

October 2020: Ancient Alchemy

November 2020: Star-Crossed Lovers

December 2020: Drama Club

February 2021: Journey to Belong

May 2021: Wishes and Curses

August 2021: Galaxy Guardians

Winter 2021: Rise of a Queen