OwlCrate Unboxing

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February 2019: Whimsical Beast

March 2019: Murder and Mystery

April 2019: The Dark Side

May 2019: Epic Adventures

June 2019: Libraries of Wonder

July 2019: Tournaments and Trials

August 2019: Storms and Seas

September 2019: Fear the Night

October 2019: Dawn of a New World

November 2019: Through the Enchanted Forest

December 2019: Tales of Trickery

January 2020: Vengeance Will Be Mine

February 2020: A Power Within

March 2020: Music of the Night

April 2020: Full Moon Magic

May 2020: Rebels with a Cause

June 2020: All the World’s a Stage

July 2020: Date with Destiny

August 2020: Written in the Stars

September 2020: A Glorious Haunting

October 2020: Legends and Lore

November 2020: Growing Wild

December 2020: Love Is a Battlefield

January 2021: From Olympus with Love

February 2021: Magic Unleashed

March 2021: Of Witches and Wonder

April 2021: Ruthless Rivals

May 2021: Expect the Unexpected

June 2021: Go Your Own Way

July 2021: Potions and Poisons

August 2021: Dark Academia