The Brightest Stars Review

The Brightest Stars by Anna Todd Synopsis: “Karina knows the harsh realities of military life. And like anyone who has grown up around an army base, she knows the background noise that follows a soldier home from war. That's why she's forging her own quiet life in her own little house. But she hasn't turned … Continue reading The Brightest Stars Review

Loves Blooms eARC Review

** I received an eARC of this book to review ** Love Blooms by C.C. Pine (Mia Harlan, Hanleigh Bradley, J.E. Cluney, Eva Delaney, Jewels Arthur, and Elena Gray) Now Available Synopsis: “Zirconia is all set for her grand coronation when tragedy strikes. Something horrid has befallen the people of Silvania, and Zirconia, despite her … Continue reading Loves Blooms eARC Review

9/8/20 Releases

These Vengeful Hearts by Katherine Laurin “Whenever something scandalous happens at Heller High, the Red Court is the name on everyone’s lips. Its members deal out social ruin and favors in equal measure, their true identities known only by their leader: the Queen of Hearts.Ember Williams has seen firsthand the damage the Red Court can … Continue reading 9/8/20 Releases

LitJoy August 2020 Unboxing: Elemental Magic

Hi everyone! Another weekend has flown by! Did y'all do anything fun or productive over the weekend? I spent most of my time studying, but I did rewatch the entire Hunger Games series, and I kind of want to read the book about President Snow now. Yesterday, my August LitJoy box came, and I did … Continue reading LitJoy August 2020 Unboxing: Elemental Magic

Penguin Random House Book Your Summer Live Unboxing

Hi everyone! So recently PRH had a Book Your Summer Live sale where they had a bunch of different genres from adult to YA boxes that included two books, an ARC, and swag. So of course me being me, I bought a couple of the YA boxes: the general YA, the fantasy, and a contemporary … Continue reading Penguin Random House Book Your Summer Live Unboxing

August 2020 Wrap-Up and Haul

Hi everyone! August was a busy month with finishing up one semester and going to clinical to start a new semester! It feels like I was constantly going without a proper break because even with my week off, I was trying to catch up on blogging stuff. I was able to reach my yearly goal … Continue reading August 2020 Wrap-Up and Haul

FairyLoot Unboxing August 2020: Let the Games Begin

Hi everyone! Hope y'all are having a good day! Today has been a busy day, but my FairyLoot box came today, so all is well! Also, there is a lot of books coming out today, and I had to split the weekly release post into part 1 and part 2! And, I'm continuing my position … Continue reading FairyLoot Unboxing August 2020: Let the Games Begin

Beacon Book Box Unboxing August 2020: Adventure Awaits

Hi everyone! My August Beacon Book Box has arrived after a couple of delays, but it’s finally here 🎉! This months theme is Adventure Awaits. You can use my influencer code LAUREN5 to save on your purchases at Beacon Book Box! You can also look at my past unboxings if you’re still deciding! Top Left: … Continue reading Beacon Book Box Unboxing August 2020: Adventure Awaits

8/25/20 Releases

The Companion by Katie Alender “The other orphans say Margot is lucky. Lucky to survive the horrible accident that killed her family. Lucky to have her own room because she wakes up screaming every night. And finally, lucky to be chosen by a prestigious family to live at their remote country estate. But it wasn’t luck that made the Suttons rescue Margot from … Continue reading 8/25/20 Releases

Bookstagram: How I Take My Photos || Flay Lays and Book Stacks

Hi everyone! So today, I thought I would share with y’all how I take my photos for Instagram! Before I get to deep in this post, I'd like to go ahead and say that what works for me with how I set up my photos might not be the solution for you, but I hope … Continue reading Bookstagram: How I Take My Photos || Flay Lays and Book Stacks