Reading Habits Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope y’all are doing well! The past couple of days, I honestly haven’t felt like doing much which sucks when I love blogging and reading, but I had a case study due later tonight (which I finished a few hours ago). You would think that having all of this free time would … Continue reading Reading Habits Book Tag

Books That Gave Me a Hangover: Top Ten Tuesday

Hi everyone! I’m actually posting a TTT on Tuesday! The last couple of weeks it has been a mash up of TTT and WWW because I had been busy on both Tuesdays and couldn’t write the post! But, it’s all good! The prompt for this week is ‘The Last Ten Books That Gave Me a … Continue reading Books That Gave Me a Hangover: Top Ten Tuesday

Real Neat Blog & Liebster Award

Hi everyone! I'm back with a couple more awards! I know that I posted The Awesome Blogger Award earlier today, but I was going trough my email and remembered that I never finished and posted these awards! I was nominated for both The Real Neat Blog Award and The Liebster Award by the lovely Autumn … Continue reading Real Neat Blog & Liebster Award

5SOS Book Tag [Original]

Hi everyone! It’s no surprise that I’m a huge 5SOS lover. I’ve been fangirling over 5SOS for more than 5 years. I love this band because before they were famous, they had such a ‘normal’ beginning. They worked for their dream and stayed true to who they are as people and musicians. So, the time … Continue reading 5SOS Book Tag [Original]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Book Tag | Blogmas Day 11

Hi everyone I just posted some Christmas recs the other day and thought I would do some Christmas book tags! Once again, I haven't created a tag, but compiled a lot of tags that have a central focus - in this case Christams! Also, I passed my nursing finals and clinical rotation!!! The past couple … Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Book Tag | Blogmas Day 11

Sunshine Blogger Award Parts 4 & 5

Hi everyone! How’s your Thursday going? Honestly, yesterday and today has been super busy for me because I started clinical for nursing school! This is the first ‘job’ that I’ve ever had (well I volunteered at the hospital for 3 summers, but you can only do so much as a volunteer) but today I was … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award Parts 4 & 5

Songs that Remind Me of Books Pt. 1

Hi everyone, I had planned to post part 2 of TBT: Middle School last Thursdays, and I had some books down with my thoughts on them, but it didn’t feel right, so I decided not to post it. Hopefully I can work and edit it between now and this coming Thursday! And, I didn’t do … Continue reading Songs that Remind Me of Books Pt. 1