Books I Wished I Read Before I Was 18: TTT

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! The prompt for this week’s TTT is Books I Wished I Read as a Child and thought I would expand it to book I wish I read before I was 18 since I’m only 20 as it is! I don’t have any regrets not reading the books certain books growing up, … Continue reading Books I Wished I Read Before I Was 18: TTT

Reverse Harem Recommendations

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! The time has finally come for me to recommend some Reverse Harem books. Reverse harem is a wide genre of books that is basically about a main character that has multiple love interests that are being pursued at the same time. The reading level for RH range from young adult to … Continue reading Reverse Harem Recommendations

5SOS Book Tag [Original]

Hi everyone! It’s no surprise that I’m a huge 5SOS lover. I’ve been fangirling over 5SOS for more than 5 years. I love this band because before they were famous, they had such a ‘normal’ beginning. They worked for their dream and stayed true to who they are as people and musicians. So, the time … Continue reading 5SOS Book Tag [Original]

Bookish Things I’m Grateful For: TTT

Hi everyone! This week’s TTT is Thankful Freebie, so that means that there is an endless possibility of things that I can talk about! I don’t have a set list of things that I want to discuss in the post, instead, I’m just going to write about any of the book themes/characters/tropes/bookish goodies/etc. that comes … Continue reading Bookish Things I’m Grateful For: TTT

Introductions Review (Ghost Bird #1)

Hi everyone!!! I'm finally posting a review! I read this book back in June, and I'm just now posting this even though it has been in my drafts for about a month! And, since June, I've reread book two (and have yet to start the review). Anyway, the plan is to reread all of the … Continue reading Introductions Review (Ghost Bird #1)

Reintroduction & What to Expect

Hey everyone. I apologize in advance because this post has a little bit of everything from a (re)introduction to why I started blogging to what’s in store for my blog in the future (main reason as to why I wanted to talk today). I didn’t mean for this post to have so much information but … Continue reading Reintroduction & What to Expect