June Wrap-Up & Book Haul

I CANNT BELIEVE THAT THE YEAR IS HALF WAY OVER WITH!!! Like were has the year gone? I’m half way done with summer classes and the possibility of me taking nursing classes is will be here soon enough. In the month of June I only bought 5 books?! Yes, I know, I really cut down … Continue reading June Wrap-Up & Book Haul

Bookshelf Tour Pt.1

Hi everyone, it's Thursday!!! We have almost made it through the work week! Today I am going to show y'all my bookshelves before and after I reorganized them. There are going to be three parts (one for each bookshelf) and on the third one, I am going to unveil the whole thing! Today I am … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour Pt.1

Thief Review (Scarab Beetle Series #1)

Thief by C. L. Stone Synopsis: “Kayli Winchester is a dirt-poor girl living out of a hotel, forced to be the parent for a drunken father and teenage brother who she’s desperate to keep in school. The only way she scrapes by is to utilize her one skill: pickpocketing. But even though she’s a thief … Continue reading Thief Review (Scarab Beetle Series #1)