I Should Have Read That Book Tag | Blogmas Day 21

Hi everyone! I hope y’all are doing well and surviving all that the holidays have to offer. I was tagged a while back by Danni @ For Books Sake to do the I Should Have Read That Book Tag! I’ve seen this tag on so many people’s blog and wanted to do it and finally … Continue reading I Should Have Read That Book Tag | Blogmas Day 21

Fae Crate Unboxing October 2019

Hi everyone! I'm back with another unboxing. My Fae Crate box actually came yesterday, but I didn't have anytime to put this post together because I was running around town trying to get stuff and my sister had some friends over, then I invited someone as well (there's tea to spill, but I'll spill it … Continue reading Fae Crate Unboxing October 2019

Luminary Unboxing September 2019

Top Left: Three Dark Crowns Pin Banner by Stellabookishart - says 'Three dark sisters all fair to be seen, two to devour and one to be queen.'Bottom Left: Spoiler Card - Theme: Obscure DarknessTop Right: Holland Character Card by MonolimeartMiddle Right: Character Art (I'm not sure who's on it)Bottom Middle: Vicious Enamel Pin - the … Continue reading Luminary Unboxing September 2019

Book Titles with Number in Them: TTT

What? I'm posting my TTT a day early?! Yep, I can't believe it either! Today feels like it has been so long. I had a test in Fundamentals this morning, then I went out to eat breakfast with a couple of friends, and I ended up going to the mall afterwards to walk into the … Continue reading Book Titles with Number in Them: TTT