WWW 10/23/19

Hi everyone! I'm back with another WWW! I'm honestly surprised that I have had enough changes for me to post another WWW! Y'all today is officially my one year blogging anniversary! I knew that is was coming soon and that it's the 23rd, but it didn't connect in my mind until I saw a tweet … Continue reading WWW 10/23/19

September Wrap-Up & Haul with Bookish Unboxing

Hi everyone! I just added a new section (tab thing) where you can find all of my unboxings (OwlCrate, Fae Crate, LitJoy Crate, Luminary, etc.) without having to scroll through a bunch of other posts, to see the page, click here! Can you believe it's already October? To be honest, this week has felt forever … Continue reading September Wrap-Up & Haul with Bookish Unboxing

Of Rioters and Royals Review

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I have posted anything. Last week was crazy because it was the week before spring break and the teachers were trying to get lectures in because after next week there is 2 weeks and then we take finals! Anyway, this up coming week I'm on spring break and … Continue reading Of Rioters and Royals Review