YA and Adult Bookish Box October 2022

Hi everyone! Over the past couple of days, both the YA & Adult bookish box came, so I figured I might us well save everyone so time and do a double unboxing!

YA theme: Star Crossed Stories

Watch the unboxing on my booktok

Top: The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue inspired Book Tin designed by monolimeart

Bottom Left: These Violent Delights inspired Metal Bookmark designed by cassberrie

Bottom Middle: Zodiac Academy inspired Slipper Socks

Middle Right: Crier’s War inspired Candle with label designed by avendellart

Middle Right: Reader Tarot Sticker designed by doomandbloom

Bottom Right: Art print designed by nataliebernardart

BOTM: Lightlark by Alex Aster signed with an exclusive cover, reversible dust jacket, stenciled edges, foiled hardcover, and exclusive endpapers designed by saramirza_art

Full unboxing!

Adult Theme: Betrayal Bonds

Top: King of Battle and Blood inspired e-reader stand designed by avendellart

Middle: Black Dagger Brotherhood inspired Cup Cozy designed by fingerpistolsco

Bottom Left: Bookish Wordplate Necklace designed by tutu_letras

Bottom Right: From Blood and Ash inspired Candle with art designed by sylvandesignco

BOTM: A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson signed with an exclusive cover (vale_lacroix), reversible dust jacket, and stenciled edges, and endpapers by thejournalsupreme

Full unboxing!

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Happy reading until next time,


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