The Awesome Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I want to thank Emma @ AFCTL for nominating me for this award! Make sure that you go and check out her blog because she has so amazing reviews and bookish content! I just posted my WWW for this week with a *lengthy-ish* update about life and school, so if you want the … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award


Mega Autumn Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re had a great weekend! I was up in my eyeballs in studying for pharmacology and fundamentals. No, I didn't create a fall tag, but I’ve seen A LOT of autumn related book tags over the last week or so I would do some of them in one post! This … Continue reading Mega Autumn Book Tag

The Birthday Book Tag & Things I’ve Learned as a Teenager

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 20! I can't believe that I'm not a teenager anymore! I thought it would be fun to do a birthday related tag! I found this tag on The Bibliophile Girl’s Blog! My intention was to post this a couple days ago, but as you can tell … Continue reading The Birthday Book Tag & Things I’ve Learned as a Teenager

Anticipated Releases Book Tag

Hi everyone!!! School has been canceled today because of Hurricane Dorian although I don't have Thursday classes at the moment because we have skills lab and my lab day is Wednesday, so in other words the cancellation doesn't affect me. I hope everyone that is in the path of Dorian is safe and hasn't been … Continue reading Anticipated Releases Book Tag

The Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much Emily for nominating me! Emily blogs at That Weird Girl Life, and she has amazing posts from tips for small up and coming bloggers to music to mental health to everything in between. She has a little bit of everything!!! Lauren over at Lala’s Book Reviews is your one stop shop … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

My Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today’s TTT is all about my favorite tropes! I think most of the tropes I’m going to mention today will gravitate more so towards contemporary books just because you don’t see a lot of MCs falling in love with the boy next door kind of things. Also, I'm game for any trope that … Continue reading My Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesday