Hello everyone! Yes I am back with another post today because procrastinating is the best pastime (earlier post from today- Songs That Remind Me of Books Pt. 1)!!! I have seen this tag circulating over the past week and decided to jump on the wagon. The most recent one I have seen is from The … Continue reading THE IDENTITY CRISIS BOOK TAG


Darkblood Academy eARC Review

Darkblood Academy by G. K. DeRosa Available June 11, 2019 *I received an eARC of this book to review* Synopsis: Welcome to Darkblood—oops, I mean Darkhen Academy.  There are three rules to survive the elite supernatural school: 1. Do not talk or even look at The Seven, the uber-powerful supes that rule the academy. 2. … Continue reading Darkblood Academy eARC Review

A Shifting of Stars Review

Okay, last post for the day, I promise. I wasn’t expecting to post this much today but everything seemed to happen so quickly over the past few days, and today feels like a Monday because of Memorial Day being yesterday, so my week is officially off track. If you missed any of the posts from … Continue reading A Shifting of Stars Review

Match Me If You Can Song Explanations

For review, click here Playlist: Story of Another Us by 5 Seconds of SummerSame to You by The VampsGirls Talk Boys by 5 Seconds of SummerWhy Don’t We by Austin MahoneBaby by Justin BieberWhere Do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction *all lyrics belong to the appropriate people* Story of Another Us “I push my … Continue reading Match Me If You Can Song Explanations

Leaves of Fall eARC Review + Giveaway

Leaves of Fall by Patricia Lynne Available May 21, 2019 *I received an early advance copy to review* Synopsis: “Armory was born into a world torn apart by war between man and nature. Trees are the enemy. But when she’s kidnapped by nomads and taken far from her home, a tree nymph is the one … Continue reading Leaves of Fall eARC Review + Giveaway

A Half Made Whole Review

A Half Made Whole by K. Leah Available May 9, 2019 *I received an eARC to review* Synopsis:  “LeightonI’ve loved, and I’ve lost. For too long, I’ve held back from relationships, building walls around my heart tall and wide. My daughter is all I have left, and after years of struggling with overwhelming grief, I’ve … Continue reading A Half Made Whole Review

Hitched: The One eARC Review

Hitched: The One by G. K. DeRosa *I received an advance copy to review* Synopsis: “The time has come to pick The One.  With one bachelor missing and chaos in her heart, Kimmie-Jayne must find the strength to choose the final two. Once that terrible decision is made, she’s sure things will be easier.  But she’s … Continue reading Hitched: The One eARC Review