Night Visions Review

Night Visions by Elena Gray

*I received an ecopy of this book to review*

Night Visions (The Gods Of Night Book 1) by [Gray, Elena]


The God of War is calling…

Samantha Cade knows a war is brewing. If her prophetic dreams are any indication, it will come at a cost—innocent lives. Though she tries her best to avoid the coming conflict, fate has other ideas. To survive the future, she must accept the one thing that shattered her.

Ian Behr.

The return of her lost love is more than Sam can handle. Vanishing from her life three years ago, she’s not ready to open her heart to him again. The only problem is, Ian’s her best asset when the God of War comes looking for a fight.

As Sam races against the clock to avoid losing her life, she faces a devastating choice: lean on the man she once loved and save the world or risk breaking her heart forever.”


4 Stars

Night Visions was originally published back in 2012 and has been republished a couple of weeks again. My review is based on the newly published version.

If you like:

  • Second Chance Romances
  • Shifters (Wolves, bears, cougars, etc.)
  • Magic
  • Secrets

Then this story is for you!

I’ll be honest the first part quarter of the book felt basic to me because we were being introduced to the characters and the back story of what happened over the past couple of years. However, as the story continued, the plot thickens and develops.

I’d say that Sam is pretty relatable because she’s an author with a loyal dog (which is actually a wolf, but shhhh). She is living her life day by day because she still feels the effects of her the guy that left her after their first kiss one night. That is until, he shows back up in her life saying that he went away to protect her, and she needs to go with him to talk to her brother.

Throughout the cross country journey, Sam realizes that she still has feels for Ian despite his sudden departure and radio silence, and it doesn’t help when they have moments where it feels like they have been transported in time to before he left.

Over time, Sam has hardened her heart making it difficult for Ian to show her that he did what he thought was best. He must break down wall that are in place because of him to try and convince her that there are more than humans on the earth and everything isn’t as simple as they seem. And if that’s not enough, it seems as if everyone that Sam has let into her life is hiding something.

Sam also finds out that there’s a lot more to the voices in her head, the spirit that she sees, and the vision like dream that leaves her feeling haunted in the morning.Sam must learn how to trust her instincts and those around her to put a stop to the game that they are being force to play.

In this fast paced story, relationships have been rekindled during the time when things are finally starting to play out and visions are becoming reality.

Happy reading until next time,

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