Devilishly Damaged Review + Playlist

*I received an ecopy of this book review* Devilishly Damaged by Abigail Cole Synopsis: "The sad truth is we all have our own demons to fight, no matter what life we were born into.” After surviving a traumatic childhood, Avery Hughes’ luck finally seems to have turned around when she is adopted by a famously … Continue reading Devilishly Damaged Review + Playlist

Willow eARC Review

Willow by Elena Gray Synopsis: “I’m Willow and this is my life story. Be warned, there will be plenty of awkward moments. The most humiliating happen to be with my mother. She’s a goddess who is determined to get me laid. What extent will my mother go to to achieve her goal? The Gods only … Continue reading Willow eARC Review

Stay at Home Book Tag and 10 Bookish Questions Tag

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I survived my first day “back to school”. So, there’s small groups of students going in to do a skill thing where we had to practice a bunch of skills from a couple of semesters ago and also did a bunch of med calc problems... all in two hours. But, I … Continue reading Stay at Home Book Tag and 10 Bookish Questions Tag

When I Found You eARC Review w/ Playlist

*I received an eARC of this book to review* When I Found You by K. Leah Now available (May 14, 2020) Synopsis: “Chase has always had a tendency to settle. He's spent years being the third wheel and "Cool Uncle Chase" --always on the outside looking in. Tired of admiring love from afar, he's finally … Continue reading When I Found You eARC Review w/ Playlist

2/3/20 Releases Part 1

2/3/20 Part 2 Other February Releases What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheimel “The girls at North Bay Academy are taking sides. It all started when Mike Parker’s girlfriend showed up with a bruise on her face. Or, more specifically, when she walked into the principal’s office and said Mike hit her. But the students … Continue reading 2/3/20 Releases Part 1

Entwined Paths eARC Review with Playlist

*I received an eARC of this book to review by the author* Entwined Paths by m.l. greye Book 2 of Swift Shadows Series Now Available For my review of book 1 Of Rioters and Royals, click here. Synopsis: “Royals support the crown. Rioters wish to tear it down. Five years ago, Emry was mourning the … Continue reading Entwined Paths eARC Review with Playlist

Truly, Madly, Royally Review

Truly, Madly, Royally by Debbie Rigaud Synopsis: “Zora Emerson is not here to play. She's enrolled in a prestigious summer program, and is ready to use what she's learning to change the world (or at least her corner of New Jersey, for now). Zora's not expecting to vibe with any of her super-privileged classmates. So … Continue reading Truly, Madly, Royally Review

Fae Crate Unboxing: December 2019 | Blogmas Day 23

Hi everyone! My Fae Crate came today, and I'm so excited to share the last box of the year! I'll tell y'all one thing, as much as I love the holidays, I'm getting tired of cooking. It feels like I've been baking for the last few days straight. Plus I still have gifts to wrap. … Continue reading Fae Crate Unboxing: December 2019 | Blogmas Day 23