Faking with Benefits by Lily Gold Review + Playlist


WANTED: Three fake boyfriends. Must be tall, ripped — and willing to teach me how to kiss.
My name is Layla Thompson, and I am undateable.
Seriously. I’m twenty-eight and I’ve never had a boyfriend. And with my thirties rapidly approaching, I’m starting to lose patience.
Lucky for me, I have three guy best friends who are all-too-eager to help hone my dating skills.
There’s Zack, the huge rugby player with the cheeky grin and rippling biceps.
Josh, the boy-next-door with the sculpted jaw and calculating stare.
And Luke, the silver-haired divorcee… who also happens to be my old professor.

After a bad date leaves me crying on their shoulders, the three men are determined to help me find a guy. Together, they agree to be my ‘practice boyfriends’, and come up with a lesson plan packed with fake dates, make out sessions, and classes on flirty texting. In return, I just have to make an appearance on their relationship advice podcast once a week. Easy.

But as my lessons become more and more intense, we soon find ourselves getting in too deep. Every touch lingers a little too long, and every kiss ends in fireworks. It’s not long before I realise that their friendship isn’t enough for me anymore. I want more.
The guys have been teaching me how to get a boyfriend, and now it’s time I put their lessons to the test.

Three times over.


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5 Stars

If you like:

  • Fake Dating
  • Reverse Harem
  • Spicy Romance
  • Age Gap (10 Years)

Then this book is for you!

Faking with Benefits is a super cute and quick read with plenty of spicy scenes!

Layla is a rather successful business woman who owns an online lingerie business where she creates the designs finds sustainably sourced items, is made to be worn by all body types and with easy to use feature for those who may not be able to use regular department store lingerie.

Zach, Luke, and Josh are the hosts of a rather podcast where they talk about relationships and romance. They also live in the apartment across from her’s and has become her friends since she moved in years ago.

Zach is a former rugby player who had to retire after a knee injury and has a past relationship that still lives in his mind.

Josh is the emotionally closed off friend who’s blunt, but always there for Layla, and not to mention, he loves her.

Luke is her former teacher who she’s always had a crush on despite the pain that her former school caused.

Yet, the guys and Layla all get along.

Layla had her twenties planned out since she was a teenager in school and has been able to cross off everything except for getting married. She worked her butt off most of her early twenties to get her company off the ground and never had time to date, but now that she’s been getting closer to thirty and is has stabilized her company she’s been on more dates than she cares to admit. After her latest disaster of a date where he climbs out of a window in the bathroom, Zach decides to take it upon himself to help save the night, and that ends with her drinking and going back to his apartment where she shares her misfortunes with dating.

Zach ropes Josh in and they decide that they are going to help teach Layla in in the world of flirting, relationships, and romance and feature it on their podcast as a six week segment. Luke isn’t so sure about this and decides to sit out on the lessons as he feels it’s weird to being doing this with a former student.

They only stipulation is that if actual feeling start to arise, they would call it quits.

The lessons are starting to work and Layla is learning things about her body language and how she handles situations when it comes to dating. Over the first couple of weeks, Luke starts to make himself scarce when Layla is around, and she finally confronts him because it’s hurting her feelings that he always seems to leaves when she comes over to their apartment, and one thing leads to another, and he joins the dating the experiment.

Things are starting to look up with the dating lessons and the Layla is enjoying her time with all of the guys as they continue to help her discover herself romantically. That is until old ghosts start to come back with when Layla’s past is brought up during her time in high school and Zach’s fiancé who passed away when they were teenagers and Josh’s brother’s upcoming wedding to Luke’s ex-wife. And it doesn’t help when real feelings have been developing over the weeks that could make everything more difficult.

All I can say is that I love this book. Because despite Layla’s outward confidence that she has developed since high school, she’s utterly loss when it comes to finding someone to date. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and tell the guys what she wants. Then we have Zach who literally had me laughing most of the book because you have no idea what’s going to come out of that man’s mouth, and with Josh, he’s hiding behind his mask but in reality he’s a hopeless romantic that’ll make you swoon. And Luke, *whew* under his quite, teacher persona, he’s dominating.

Faking with Benefits is the first book that I’ve read by Lily and it won’t be my last! It has plenty of romance scenes to keep me reading, and characters and plots that are constantly evolving. Each of the characters have a past that is explored as the guys help Layla on her lessons on improving her love life. And, the guys realize that Layla may be the thing that they need in their lives as someone more than a friend but may miss out on the opportunity when situations arise.


  • Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift
  • Woke Up in Japan by 5SOS
  • Connection by OneRepublic
  • Half a Heart by One Direction
  • If Walls Could Talk by 5SOS
  • Mercy by Shawn Mendes
  • When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
  • Classic by MKTO

Happy reading until next time,

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