The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix eARC Review with a Playlist

The Third Sun (Daughter of the Phoenix Book One) by [Price, Victoria J.]

*I received an eARC of this book to review*

The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix by Victoria J. Price

Available: February 22, 2020


The sun is dying, the windows to Earth are closing. Time is running out.

After the death of her sister, eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge knows one thing for certain: she doesn’t belong anywhere. But then she tumbles into the parallel world of Ohinyan—a world where angels and witches walk amongst mankind.

An ancient darkness is taking advantage of the dying sun, and Ohinyan needs Fia’s help. She soon learns that her arrival is not entirely by accident and that Alexander, leader of angels, is not the guardian she thought he was.

Torn between their feelings and their duties, together they must find a way to return Fia to London before the darkness consumes her and she is trapped in Ohinyan forever.

A richly woven tale drawing on ancient myths and legends. Fans of elemental magic, witches, shapeshifters and portal fantasy will devour the Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix Book One.”


5 Stars

If you like:

  • Angels
  • Red-Headed MCs
  • Parallel Universes
  • Adventure and Battles
  • Grief

Then this is the book for you!

Fia is a human from London who is just floating through life. Her sister passed away, it turned out that her roommate that she thought cared about her had been dating some one else, and she only has one true friend. And to make life even crazier, she is starting to her voices whenever she’s around animals.

“Grief is so lonely. I’d have given anything to know somebody understood how it felt, to know what I was going through, what I’ve been going through.”

On a night that is special to Fia and her sister Sophie, Fia goes to the cemetery to watch the stars in honor of her sister and to keep the tradition alive. What she doesn’t expect is to see the angel that she thinks she’s been seeing lately, much less follow him back to his world through a portal.

Once Fia wakes up in Ohinyan (the world she went to after going through the portal), she realizes that there more to the world then she thinks. The dull world that she lived in is nothing compared to this place with angels, witches, and other people and animals of this place. She also discovers that their world could be coming to an end because their sun is dying which is a natural part of the world’s cycle, but it could also mean that the dark forces can gain power.

Alexander, the angel that Fia kept seeing in the cemetery, is the leader of the angels after the death of his father and feels responsible for inadvertently bringing Fia to his world since she was following him that night when he was traveling back to his world. He top priority (besides trying to figure out what to do about the dying sun) is to get Fia back to her home on Earth, but they both feel this pull to one another. He has all but given up on the thought of having a wife since he is in a high position, but is he willing to let her slip through his fingers when she makes the world so much more vibrant?

“In that moment, he knew he would always be distracted if she stayed. He would always be looking for her, checking she was safe. He would always put her first.”

During Fia and Alexander’s journey to find a coven of witches that could hold the answers about getting Fia back home, they face many enemies and learn things that could save Ohinyan, and most importantly, Fia might be the answer. Fia becomes friends and makes allies with a handful of people and decides that she will fight for this world that she just found to save innocent people.

Throughout her journey, Fia finds a part of herself that she would have never found on Earth. She’s willing to lay down her life for the greater good even if it means also giving up someone who makes her heart skip a beat and brings her happiness.

“Endings were hard. Surely, everybody knew that. The end of your favourite book. A breakup. Saying goodbye. A death.”

This book is beautifully written with its story telling of Ohinyan’s history to the description of the scenery as Fia was traveling and trying to help her new friends to save their families and world. It shows the beauty of life and death and how precious life is, and despite the grim possibility of the future, Alexander and his warriors celebrate the night before the batter to celebrate the little things even if their odds might not be the best.

“Just as the water and the moons are tied to each other, so are the sun and the moons. The moons cannot shine without the sun, without the sun our days and nights would be in darkness, and our tides would lose their ebb and flow.”

I highly recommend this book for those who love books of adventure and friendships during tough times. This book will make you find beauty in the small things like being with those you call your family and friends. It’ll have you hanging on the edge of your seat as you follow Fia in her journey of helping Alexander and trying to get home!


  • Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
  • Something Great by One Direction
  • I Miss You by Blink 182
  • Change My Mind by One Direction
  • Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  • Up by Justin Bieber
  • Time Is Not On Our Side by The Vamps
  • Stay by Zeus and Alesia Cara

Happy reading until next time,

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