Bookish Discovers I Made in 2019: TTT

Hi everyone! I hope y’all are doing well! I started my next class in nursing school yesterday and y’all we started the semester off by running straight from the beginning! This semester we’re learning about how to take care of different body systems and some of the diseases and stuff that goes along with it.

This weeks top ten Tuesday is about bookish things we discovered in 2019 from bookish items to blogs to actual books!

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.


New Adult: so, I’ve noticed that I’m slowly starting to expand my horizons by reading some more NA books. I feel like the old NA titles have a lot of sex (and can be… well let’s just say plotless), but now it seems like authors are trying to rebrand the genre and make it more transitional for YA readers.

Dystopias: back in the 8th grade (and some of 9th – about 5 or 6 years ago) I was obsessed with dystopian books. I know shocker with books like Divergent and the Hunger Games being popular, but after freshman year in a high school, I basically quit the genre cold turkey, but towards the end of the year I’ve had an itch to read a good dystopian to get back into the genre.

Indie: up until the last year or so, I didn’t read a lot of indie books because I was buying most of my books from major retailers (which can be lacking in the indie department), but I’ve been reading a lot of books lately of self published authors! Being a part of the book blogging community has helped me discover new authors who pave their own ways, and give me opportunities to read their books!

Reverse Harem: y’all I’m all for an RH book! This last year was the year that I really started to read more of it because for the 2 years prior I was getting my feet wet by reading The Ghost Bird series. Last year I think I read 9 different series in this genre. RH is such a unique genre (compared to the books that I normally read), but it can get spicy in a heartbeat, so I have to do a little research before I pick up a book by an author I have seen before.


Hoopla: I’ve just found out that my college has a hoopla library thing. So imagine my surprise last year when I was sitting in English class looking on the computer scrolling through hoopla at all the audiobooks (which is another thing I discovered), and I’ve been taking classes with this college for 4 years… Imagine all of the eboooks and audio books I could have read over those years.


Pastelrain Creations: this is a shop that sells bookmarks, jewelry, and a handful of other things. Bianca is one of the sweetest people, so I don’t feel bad dropping X amount of dollars every so often to get some adorable bookmarks and help a small business. She has some generic bookish bookmarks, some fandom related ones, and even personalized ones!

Fictionalwicks: during the fall of this year, I was an influencer for Jeri’s candle shop and boy did I buy some candles. Jeri’s candles smell so amazing and ALL of they have a layer of glitter on the top! (My code may still work – Lauren10 where you can save if you buy candles)


This year both of my accounts has done a lot better than I could have ever dreamed of in a short amount of time, but I’ve also learned that even though book blogging is such a broad category but people generally think that you only post reviews but there’s so much to being a book blogger. I’ve had gone through a lot of different problems throughout the year and had to find ways to work through these issues. I’ve also had to work through some things and figure out who I wanted to be as a bookstagrammer and what my style wanted to be.

I’ve also had so much fun working with different organizations and authors and bloggers over the past months with book promotions, events, and bookish posts!

What are some discoveries you’ve made in the last year? Let me know below!

Happy reading until next time,

4 thoughts on “Bookish Discovers I Made in 2019: TTT

    • Thank you! The Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone is my favorite (it’s a slow burn, YA book that good to use as a tester), but I’ve also enjoyed the Kit Davenport series by Tate James which is a lot faster paced and is NA! I have a review of Introductions which is the first book in the GB series and Thief both written by C.L. Stone on my blog if your interested! 💕


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